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The Wisdom Literature and Psalms – James E Smith

Konstantin Nazarov says, Russian readers find Smith’s books very helpful for sermon preparation. One of the best things is his ability to see structure in everything. This way, the Old Testament becomes understandable and “preachable”. He adds, Readers are waiting for the rest of the series. I recommend this book to our students at TCMI Institute.


Recent Club Selections

Defining Truth, Volume 4 (reprint) – Ajai Lall

Dr Lall said, I have had over 50 preachers tell me they need this book. We recently sent 40 preachers into unreached areas, and they are asking for this resource. The books will also benefit other preachers and Bible institute students throughout India.

Book Club Shawn Tyler

Book Club Fanatic

Shawn Tyler is a long-time missionary in East Africa.

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Did you join a book club that sent you books you didn’t really want, or didn’t have time to read? Well, join our Book Club, instead. You will never receive a book, but you will help LATM give a book to someone across the world who needs it! 



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