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Helping church leaders around the world produce Christian books in their language so their people find, follow and serve Jesus.

Book Club

Did you join a book club that sent you books you didn’t really want, or didn’t have time to read? Well, join our Book Club, instead. You will never receive a book, but you will help LATM give a book to someone across the world who needs it! 

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November Book Club

Did Jesus Go to Tibet to Become a Monk: 26 Questions Answered and Christ and the Church in the Burmese language


Since the military seized power in Myanmar in early 2021, the situation for the people there has become increasingly desperate.  However, Burmese Christian leaders like Timothy are continuing to look for ways to share hope in Christ and to strengthen the church. That is why Timothy has requested your help to print two books, this month’s Book Club selection.


The first book is Did Jesus Go to Tibet to Become a Monk: 26 Questions Answered. This book was written to address false teachings that Buddhists have heard about God … It is their prayer that God will use this book to help open the monks’ eyes to know the one living and true God.


The second book is Christ and the Church. He writes:


If we, believers, will realize what Christ and the apostles taught us, we will be united in Christ and in expanding His Kingdom. With the help of this book, new believers will confess that we are members of Christ’s Church. 


Though war and persecution continue, Christ’s Church in Myanmar faithfully advances.  Thank you, through your monthly gifts to LATM, for encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters in Myanmar with these books.


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