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Gregg Pruett's Extreme Prayer in Spanish

Oración extrema por Greg Pruett está disponible en español. Miembros del Book Club de LATM ofrecen hasta cinco copias GRATIS, el costo del envío a una dirrección de EUA incluido. ¿Conoces a una iglesia o ministerio de habla español que debería oír esta nocitia? Contácteles usted mismo, o mandar su información de contacto a Rafael Shead, Coordinador de Proyectos Español (

Además, haga clic aquí para bajar una copia gratis del capítulo 4: “Sin vergüenza“. Disfrútelo usted o compártalo con otros.

Greg Pruett’s encouraging book Extreme Prayer is available in Spanish. LATM Book Club members are offering up to five copies FREE, shipping to a stateside address included! Do you know a Spanish-language church or ministry that should hear about this? Contact them yourself, or send their contact information to Ralph Shead, LATM’s Spanish Projects Coordinator (

Also, download a copy of chapter 4, “Sin vergüenza (Shameless)“. Enjoy it yourself, or share it with others!

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English / ASL

As Easy as 123: No Gray Area by Vonda Hamilton

There are idioms for 19 numbers and seven colors. Besides showing the meanings, it plays with the absurdity of the idioms. There is Scripture to make a point about each idiom because Hamilton’s ministry, Expressions of Emmanuel, aims to present the Word of God to the Deaf community.

As Easy As Cover

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Shawn Tyler is a long-time missionary in East Africa.
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