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Our History

Literature And Teaching Ministries (LATM) is an outgrowth of the ministry of College Press Publishing Company of Joplin, Missouri. Don DeWelt, beloved teacher and evangelist, founded College Press in 1959 to supply true-to-the-Scriptures Bible study textbooks.


LATM Staff


Karl Halverson – Executive Director

Karl has served God in six states and in Kosovo. He is a graduate of OCC, LCU, CIU and Fuller Seminary. He and Jill have three children in college and one in 7th grade. He likes good coffee; sitting (outside preferably), thinking, and writing. Most of all, he likes to see Christians respond to God’s Spirit and let God use them to build his Kingdom. He hopes to see more of that as he works with LATM!


Phil Casey – International Project Director

Phil grew up in a Christian home in the sleepy town of Correctionville, Iowa. He met Susan at Ozark Bible College, where he graduated in 1974. After serving for a dozen years as missionaries to Chile, the Caseys returned to the U.S., and Phil taught Missions at Nebraska Christian College. Phil helped establish LATM in 1992. He communicates with churches and individuals on the giving end of the ministry and missionaries and national church leaders on the receiving end. He likes helping provide good, Bible-based books in many languages to ministries all around the world.


Susan Casey – Donor Relations

Susan grew up in Albuquerque and went to OBC in search of answers to life’s questions. She found those, as well as Phil, graduating in 1972. In 1992 she joined Phil to help establish LATM, where she takes care of Donor Relations. She is the one who asks to present LATM’s work, or give an update, and keeps a close relationship with LATM’s donors. Susan speaks to ladies’ groups and retreats all over the U.S.


Ralph Shead – Coordinator of Spanish and Portuguese Projects

Ralph Shead began his working career selling sodas and sweeping the family service station. Then he became a preacher of the gospel and has ministered in Missouri and South America. He coordinates LATM’s Spanish and Portuguese book projects. About working with LATM, Ralph says, “I never before helped so many people from so many cultures make so many disciples for the Master.”


Cindy Shead – Spanish Typographer

Cindy Shead was a missionary in Puerto Rico before graduating from college in 1973. She raised her family as a missionary wife and Bible teacher in Chile. Now she is a youth teacher at her church and the typographer of Spanish books for LATM. She also represents the ministry of Literature And Teaching Ministries with her husband at churches, camps, conventions, and vacation Bible schools. Cindy says, “Working with LATM gives me the opportunity to help people around the world grow into the image of Christ.”


Doug Reed – Director of Development

Doug Reed was a missionary for 18 years in the Dominican Republic before joining Literature And Teaching Ministries in 2009. His primary task is to make the coffee every day at LATM. Secondary responsibilities include keeping people informed about LATM’s marvelous ministry through Christ-centered books in the heart languages of church workers around the world.


Betsy Ragsdale – Administrative Assistant

Betsy Ragsdale joined the LATM team in 2014. She and her husband Lynn have 3 children and 9 grandchildren living in the Joplin area. Lynn and Betsy met at Lincoln Christian University and have spent the last 40+ years in ministries in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri.

Board of Directors

Chris DeWelt


Publisher, College Press Publishing Company
Director of Intercultural Studies, Ozark Christian College

Marsha Relyea Miles

Director of Church Mobilization,
Pioneer Bible Translators

Carol DeWelt

Assistant to the Publisher, College Press Publishing Company

Jason Casey


Rick Cherok

Professor, Ozark Christian College
Executive Director, Celtic Christian Mission
Editor, College Press

Mike Schrage

Executive Director, Good News Productions, International


Statement of Faith

Literature And Teaching Ministries believes that the Bible is the full and final inspired Word of God and is infallible as an all-sufficient rule of faith and practice; in the deity and full authority of Jesus Christ; that faith in and obedience to Christ are essential for salvation. We also believe in the virgin birth of Christ, His atoning death on the cross, the bodily resurrection, the final judgment, and a literal heaven and hell as taught in the Bible. We believe in the divine origin and character of the Church. We are committed to the restoration of New Testament teaching, principles and practices.