About the Book Club

Did you join a book club that sent you books you didn’t really want, or didn’t have time to read? Well, join our Book Club, instead. You will never receive a book, you will help LATM give a book to someone across the world who needs it!

How it works: We tell you about the book project each month, and the people and place it will bless. It might be a book on Christian evidences in Russian, a Bible study text in Spanish, a commentary in Arabic, or another needed book.

We send an envelope for your $20 to help fund the project. That is not much, but combined with gifts from other Book Club members, it can print an entire book project! Since beginning in 1994, Book Club members have given over $1,000,000, and helped print almost 400 book projects. 

Hindi0079 - Parables of Jesus Christ (Exposition and Application)

April Book Club Selection in Hindi

Parables of Jesus (reprint) – Indu Lall

The original printing of Parables of Jesus by Indu Lall was completed in 1995 and was just the second of now 84 collaborations between LATM and Central India Christian Mission. It was revised and reprinted in 2003, 2008, and 2015. Read more.

Covers Serbian

Recent Club Selections

In Serbian:

It’s Not About Me – Max Lucado
Through the Bible Through the Year – John Stott

LATM global partner Samuil Petrovski asked for help with both of these titles. He describes the need this way: In Serbia, we don’t have many good Christian books which address questions of how to live a Christian life, to find our identity, to deal with our selfishness and pride, or books which help explain the Bible in a practical way.
Shawn Tyler Book Club Fanatic Still

Shawn Tyler: Book Club Fanatic

Shawn Tyler is a long-time missionary in East Africa. LATM has helped publish books that Shawn uses in his effective ministry. Join the Book Club and enjoy the enthusiasm Shawn has for books in ministry. Watch the video here.

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Say Yes! by phone or email. Call 417-623-6280 ext. 105. Email latm@latm.info. Or, mail your first contribution and tell us you’re ready to help put Christian books to work across the globe! PO Box 645, Joplin, MO 64802.