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The Book Club

Usually, one joins a book club to get books, but this book club is all about giving books. Do you want to be a contributing author in someone’s testimony? Time and time again, we’ve seen God use the Book Club to complete projects that help someone find, follow, and serve Jesus.
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A Book Club Like No Other

When you give to Book Club, you will have the opportunity each month to hear about a new book project and the people and place it will bless. It might be a book on Christian evidences in Russian, a Bible study text in Spanish, a commentary in Arabic, or another needed book in another language worldwide.

You’ll also receive an envelope, inviting you to give your next monthly gift to help fund the project. Your gift, when combined with gifts from other Book Club members, can print an entire book project! Since beginning in 1994, Book Club members have given over $1,250,000, and helped print 500+ book projects.

Recent Book Club

William and Arthur of the South India Church of Christ Mission…it was great getting to catch up with them at ICOM this year!
William and Arthur of the South India Church of Christ Mission…it was great getting to catch up with them at ICOM this year!

December Book Club

From Now to Eternity: Prophecy and the End Times -Tamil

The South India Church of Christ Mission embarked on a huge undertaking last year. With the increasing persecution against Christians and mounting pressure from the Hindu majority, they want to do all they can to strengthen the leaders of the local churches in South India.  To that end, they began to create an “Elder’s Library” in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Telugu. These books are being provided to each church elder. The first two books have been met with a lot of excitement and this will be the third book produced in the series this year. 

Your Book Club gift this month will pay to translate, edit, format, and print 1,000 copies of From Now to Eternity: Prophecy and the End Times into the Tamil language.  This book will directly help local church elders have a clearer understanding about what the Bible says about the end times. Thus, strengthening them to lead their congregations with all the hope found in God’s Word so that they might stand faithful to the end. 

Shawn Tyler Book Club Fanatic Still

Shawn Tyler: Book Club Fanatic

Shawn Tyler is a long-time missionary in East Africa. LATM has helped publish books that Shawn uses in his effective ministry. Join the Book Club and enjoy the enthusiasm Shawn has for books in ministry. Watch the video here.

Join our Book Club

You can join the Book Club by phone, mail, email, or complete the form below. Call 417-228-6065. Email Or, mail your first contribution and tell us you’re ready to help put Christian books to work across the globe! PO Box 645, Joplin, MO 64802.