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We would love to have you partner with LATM. Here are four ways you can help publish Christ-centered, culturally relevant books in the heart languages of God’s workers throughout the world.

Momentum     In our 25+ years helping publish Christ-centered books, LATM has steadily grown in ministry impact. We have helped with over 2,000,000 books! To keep the Momentum going, you, your church, or a church group can make a substantial gift to help fund all or part of the cost of an entire book project! It might be for a missionary you know, or for a language or culture you know, or maybe because you know the author or title.

Book Club     Join the book club that will never send you a book! Each month, Book Club members help give books to church leaders, Christians, and sincere seekers around the world.

Regular giving to the General Fund     LATM exists to help publish Christian books in the heart languages of church leaders around the world. Gifts to the General Fund make it possible for the work to be done.

Be an Advocate for LATM     There are people in your congregation and circle of friends who would enjoy knowing about LATM’s ministry. And you are LATM’s best advocate! Tell others about the work, and connect them to us. We will gladly follow up with a visit, brochures, or videos.

Donating to LATM

1. Simply send checks or money orders to:

          P O Box 645
          Joplin MO 64802

2. Use your bank’s “Bill Pay” service to make monthly or one-time donations. Contact your bank for that process.

3. Set up an automatic debit for regular giving from a bank account. Complete this form and mail it to us.

4. Donate securely with PayPal

5. Donate with credit/debit card Click Here

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