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You can finish 2020 well, and help someone else do the same

Why not be intentional about bringing a hard year to a good conclusion and a new year to a hopeful start? Be sure to get the first two chapters of Robert Lowery’s Revelation’s Rhapsody!

Finish 2020 Well

Who doesn’t want to get out of 2020 with something positive happening in this life?

Help someone else finish well!

Helping someone else makes the year finish even better!

Honor God with your life

Giving honor to God is the greatest thing we can do to finish the year well.
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What’s the problem, though?

  • ¬†You don’t even know who might need your help

  • There isn’t enough money to publish the books in other languages that are ready to be printed RIGHT NOW

  • You know that Christians SHOULD BE working together to take care of projects like these, but aren’t

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With your help, language barriers can be broken.


Needed Books Will Be Published

Christian Leaders Will Be Equipped

Disciples Will Be Made!

We know the problem and what to do about it.

For 28 years, we’ve partnered with church leaders around the world to help them publish biblical, Christian books in the languages of their fields.
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There are 28 book projects that are ready to print right now. What’s missing? Funds. See what you recognize on the list. Maybe a book or its author, maybe the language or the Field Partners who need the books for their ministries. Maybe the topic of a book will interest you.

28 Years

1258 Projects

81 Languages

32 Field Partners

??? Lives Changed