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Using Books to Influence the
world with the knowledge of Jesus​
Partner with LATM to facilitate Christian Publishing Worldwide


Finish the

Great Commission


Unite with

Christians Worldwide

Real Biblical Books

to Real People

Don’t miss the opportunity to live out the fullness of your life in Christ
or risk leaving the world without the possibility of hope (1) (2)

Just like you, we care about getting the knowledge
of Jesus into people’s native languages! (3)

Here’s our plan:

1. Connect with our on-field partners

2. Activate a project of your choosing

3. Facilitate the publishing of a book in your particular project's native language (4)

We don’t have to feel helpless in our hope to get the message of Jesus to people in their native languages. 

Although there is a huge lack of Christian books around the world, LATM facilitates international Christian publishing so that church leaders worldwide can teach their people in their languages about finding, following and serving Jesus.