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Exciting LATM News LATM Board of Trustees Announces Executive Director Succession Plan

From the Board:

After a season of seeking the Lord’s will, Literature And Teaching Ministries’ Board of Trustees is happy to announce, by unanimous vote, the expansion of the leadership of LATM. Karl Halverson has agreed to join LATM in June of this year to step into the leadership role of this strategic ministry.

For some time, our current Executive Director, Phil Casey, has been praying about and planning for future leadership of LATM. Following a thorough transition period of helping Karl to understand and assume the role of Executive Director, Phil will continue to work with LATM’s large network of global partners. We rejoice in how the Lord is leading during this change.

Karl comes to LATM with significant experience in missions and discipleship. He and his wife Jill have served a large part of several decades in Europe and are deeply committed to what God is doing as the body of Christ grows rapidly around the world.

The ministry of LATM has grown quietly and steadily for 27 years and the results are staggering! Nearly 2.5 million books in 81 languages bring crucial resources to the international body of Christ. And as we look toward the future, with strong leadership, the opportunities are truly unlimited! May God be praised.

Thank you for your faithful support of Literature And Teaching Ministries. Your prayers and generous resources are foundational to this important work. We challenge you to continue your partnership with us to see all nations come to the Throne of God!

Grace and Peace,
Chris DeWelt

Karl and Jill Halverson
Karl and Jill Halverson

From Karl:

It is with joy that we follow the Lord in joining the great work that is LATM. Since LATM began in 1992 Jill and I have been greatly encouraged by God’s work in and through its ministry. Now the Lord has brought us into LATM’s work of seeking His Kingdom by partnering with Christians around the world to make disciples through facilitating Christian publishing. We look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in the Body of Christ through this faithful and fruitful ministry.

From Phil:

Susan and Phil Casey

It has been my great privilege to serve as Director of Literature And Teaching Ministries since its inception in 1992. In recent years, I have sensed the need to deliver this ministry into the hands of just the right person. Someone whom the Lord has been preparing for this – someone younger, someone with a passion for the worldwide expansion of God’s Kingdom, someone who is thrilled by its possibilities and capable of shepherding it into an even brighter future.

LATM facilitates international Christian publishing. That’s my favorite short way of getting across what we do. Not everybody “gets it,” but I can tell when I meet someone who does. I’m glad to say Karl Halverson “gets it.” From his very first response to the idea, to the deep responses he gave to our intensive questioning process and the insightful questions he is asking us, I could tell that we have what we’ve been looking for. I look forward to going deep into the inner workings of LATM with Karl, traveling internationally with him to introduce him to our extensive network of field partners, and visiting our supporting churches and individuals to let you get to know him. It will take a while, but that’s OK. I’m not leaving anytime soon. I want to stick around to make sure Karl has what he needs from me and to see what the Lord will do through his leadership to steward this ministry into bigger and greater things.