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LATM helps publish Bible-based Christian books worldwide. Each “book project” goes through an individual process of being translated, edited, formatted, and printed. All of the work is done by leaders in the countries and regions where they will be distributed.
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More than 1,450 projects have been completed since LATM started in 1992.

Here are just a few examples of the more than 85 current projects that our partners are developing!


Languages of India

In 2022, 26 different book projects were completed in eight different languages of India. Partners in India are currently working on a number of different titles for 2023, such as Saved by Grace in Hindi, 13 Lessons on Church History in Telugu, and From Now to Eternity in Malayalam and Tamil. These books are being used by Bible colleges in India, as well as study resources for church elders and for small group study.


Last year, four different book projects were completed for Maasai speakers, including Way of Salvation, Baptism into Christ, and Advice about Leadership. Different books are written for different audiences, such as new believers, youth, and church leadership.  We’re excited that the Maasai church continues to desire more Christian books to aid in evangelism and discipleship.

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Six projects were completed in Spanish during 2022, including Set Free: What the Bible Says about Grace, and The Chronological Life of Christ and Adventures in the Bible. Partners are currently working on New Testament History: Acts, Romans commentary, and Revelation’s Rhapsody. These Spanish resources are being developed for Spanish speakers in churches and colleges in the US and in Latin America.


A few times a year we send out our World News Update. This publication includes stories from around the globe that highlight the Kingdom impact our partnership has produced. Take a look at the latest issue and subscribe to receive the next one.

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