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2.5 Million Books so Far

Two-and-half million books at work for LATM global ministry partners! Even so, the need for Christ-centered books in heart languages has not stopped. Our 2021 goal is to help publish 100 strategic book projects that will help people Find, Follow, and Serve Jesus!

The historic average contribution we make per book is less than $2.00. That means a $50 gift will help fund 25 books! $500 will help with 250 books. $5,000 will help with 2500. If funds are available, all of the projects in the Publishing Plan are doable this year.

Please consider making an “above-and-beyond” gift and see how fast and how far your help will go!


Publishing Plan 2021

          • 100 Dollars. 50 Books.
          • 1000 Dollars. 500 Books.
          • 5000 Dollars. 2500 Books.